Here's how genIQ can work with you.


We learn each client’s unique circumstances and challenges, devise research-backed strategies, and work with clients to implement recommendations for attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining women and Millennial employees.


We speak to groups seeking to learn how to be more inclusive leaders and create more inclusive organizations. Our presentations provide a foundation of research, interactive discussion, and recommendations.


We produce custom research reports to answer clients’ most pressing questions and highlight best practices for supporting and empowering women and Millennial employees amidst each clients’ unique challenges.

genIQ is led by Tricia Correia.

Tricia served as the inaugural Bank of America Fellow on Women and the Economy where she led a groundbreaking study on women and Millennials in the United States professional labor force.

This research took her all over the country from Silicon Valley to Wall Street where she met with dozens of employees at over 30 companies to discuss their experiences and perspectives on women and Millennials in business. 

Tricia founded genIQ to continue researching, speaking, and consulting with organizations on empowering women and Millennial employees.


Catholic Charities DC

Catholic Charities DC

"Tricia's way of working is as solid as her work product itself. She had the group's complete attention and was incredibly helpful as we think about how to motivate generations to come. I would strongly recommend Tricia as a speaker and advisor."

ATD Lake Superior Chapter

ATD Lake Superior Chapter

“Even presenting via video webinar, Tricia was able to foster a feeling of being in the room and engage the diverse participants, who ranged from corporate talent development professionals to small business employees. She knew her material extremely well, yet easily adapted to respond to the interests of the audience.”

Aim High Network

Aim High Network

"Tricia's presentation was enlightening for women leaders and women in the workforce. Thank you so much for your research - we learned a lot about what we can do to empower women and retain them in the workplace."


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