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We speak to companies, associations, and non-profits who wish to create or thrive in diverse organizations. Our presentations provide a foundation of research, interactive discussion, and real-life recommendations.


We craft, present, and execute evidence-based plans of action specific to your organization's unique challenges regarding attracting, engaging, and retaining diverse talent.


We analyze and produce pioneering research to provide cutting-edge recommendations for supporting and empowering diverse employees and teams.


Tricia Correia is the Founder & President of genIQ.

As the Bank of America Fellow on Women and the Economy, Tricia led a groundbreaking study on women and Millennials in the United States professional labor force.

After serving as Director of Talent Development at a startup, Tricia now works at a large defense & aerospace company in Washington, DC where she manages talent pipeline programs, leads the Diversity & Inclusion Council, and advises on D&I issues across the organization.

Areas of Expertise
Diversity | Inclusion | Leadership | Culture | Women | Generations | Millennials | Generation Z | Managing Up | Management | Talent Acquisition | Employee Engagement | Organizational Behavior | Organizational Development | Organizational Health | Data | Research


Catholic Charities DC

Catholic Charities DC

"Tricia's way of working is as solid as her work product itself. She had the group's complete attention and was incredibly helpful as we think about how to motivate generations to come. I would strongly recommend Tricia as a speaker and advisor."

ATD Lake Superior Chapter

ATD Lake Superior Chapter

“Tricia fostered a feeling of being in the room and engaged the diverse participants, who ranged from corporate talent development professionals to small business employees. She knew her material extremely well, yet easily adapted to respond to the interests of the audience...Her presentation was the highest rated ATD event of the year!”

Aim High Network

Aim High Network

"Tricia's presentation was enlightening for women leaders and women in the workforce. Thank you so much for your research - we learned a lot about what we can do to empower women and retain them in the workplace."


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